On the Water

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to see–and photograph–some interesting (and very cool) things on the Hudson River.  The geography is unique; the weather is unusual and awesome, and the watercraft truly sublime.  I posted these here last night, but wanted them on the front page for today’s post.

Here are a few of the better shots from the past year:

WAGENBORD bearing South on the Hudson.
BIG LIFT Southbound. I love the yellow hull!
BIG LIFT heading North.
The TIGRIS. One of my better shots / HDR composites.  I was leaving work on a slightly rainy day.  Before I made it out of the parking lot, I saw it.  I pulled over, got out of the vehicle, and took as many photos as I could of this magnificent cargo ship.
PUMA/Volvo Ocean Race. This craft was moving swiftly Northward after class one day. I had my camera out–which allowed me to capture this. It was moving so quickly I had but this one opportunity to capture it. At first glance, I thought it was a submarine!


The Moon

It has fascinated mankind for millennia.  It has likewise been a favorite of mine.

Here’s a view from yesterday afternoon through a 1200mm reflector.  It’s not perfect, and I am still striving for the right focus, phase, sharpness, lighting, exposure, etc.  It was quite windy yesterday, too–which made the moon shimmer quite a bit.  Not quite lucky concerning weather.

On that note, I believe all photography (or successful photos or great photos) are the result of access, luck, and timing (in no particular order).  These three from a triangle for which any photographer can select or plan for two.  The third is impossible to incorporate and will appear only in a rare moment, making the triangle complete and the photo immortal.  I can have access and timing, but miss the luck of the moment.  I might have luck and timing, but not the access to get the full shot.  I might have access and luck, but not the timing to catch what I intended.  If I have only one of the three, it’s a snapshot.  If I have two of the three, it’s a great photo.  If I have all three, then the photo outshines the photographer or the equipment.

Enough theory.  Here’s the photo from yesterday:

More to follow. . .

Street Life

Walking around New Haven, CT during lunch hour, I saw many interesting things.  Here are a few.

The best part of the “street vendor district” just outside Yale New Haven Hospital is the diverse group of people who mingle around the popular street vendors nearby.  I was able to spend only about 15 minutes before getting lunch from Thai Jasmine–her Pad Thai noodles are pretty good.  Oh–and I picked up a Boba/Bubble tea from about two carts down.  Good lunch!


Interesting storm clouds rolled through the Hudson Valley yesterday.  After the worst of it passed, I went outside with my daughter who looked at this cloud and said, “Wow!  That looks painted!”  So I grabbed my rock and took 50 photos of the cloud–10 5-shot HDR sequences.  I stitched them together with a free program to produce the result below.  This process took about one hour from start to finish and really I intended this project test the stitching software.  If anything could confuse it, clouds could.  But it surprised me by performing flawlessly!  The name of the software is Microsoft ICE.

And how did I fit 10 photos into this square?  Three shots for the top, four shots for the middle, and three shots for the bottom row.  It was a huge cloud system!

Oh–and the original size is huge, too:  25×17″ at 300dpi.

Father’s Day Weekend

We drove Northwest about an hour to stay at a very nice and quiet Bed and Breakfast named “Inn at the Ridge” located near Wallkill, NY.  We spent Saturday around Lake Minnewaska; here are a few photos.  The water was incredible and the wildlife kept us entertained.  It was truly a beautiful day.  Although the hiking and fresh air ensured we were exhausted at the end of the day, we found respite at Bev and Sal’s B&B.

Whatcha Doin?

Driving toward AOG today, I saw a young fisherman sitting with his wagon above the little creek that flows from Lusk.  I pulled over to capture the moment–but before I could, an interested passerby stopped to inquire about the conditions.  It is the only shot I’m uploading today, but this moment reminds me of so many other encounters (both real and imagined).  To me, it seemed like a Normal Rockwell scene that I had to capture.