Interesting storm clouds rolled through the Hudson Valley yesterday.  After the worst of it passed, I went outside with my daughter who looked at this cloud and said, “Wow!  That looks painted!”  So I grabbed my rock and took 50 photos of the cloud–10 5-shot HDR sequences.  I stitched them together with a free program to produce the result below.  This process took about one hour from start to finish and really I intended this project test the stitching software.  If anything could confuse it, clouds could.  But it surprised me by performing flawlessly!  The name of the software is Microsoft ICE.

And how did I fit 10 photos into this square?  Three shots for the top, four shots for the middle, and three shots for the bottom row.  It was a huge cloud system!

Oh–and the original size is huge, too:  25×17″ at 300dpi.


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