The Moon

It has fascinated mankind for millennia.  It has likewise been a favorite of mine.

Here’s a view from yesterday afternoon through a 1200mm reflector.  It’s not perfect, and I am still striving for the right focus, phase, sharpness, lighting, exposure, etc.  It was quite windy yesterday, too–which made the moon shimmer quite a bit.  Not quite lucky concerning weather.

On that note, I believe all photography (or successful photos or great photos) are the result of access, luck, and timing (in no particular order).  These three from a triangle for which any photographer can select or plan for two.  The third is impossible to incorporate and will appear only in a rare moment, making the triangle complete and the photo immortal.  I can have access and timing, but miss the luck of the moment.  I might have luck and timing, but not the access to get the full shot.  I might have access and luck, but not the timing to catch what I intended.  If I have only one of the three, it’s a snapshot.  If I have two of the three, it’s a great photo.  If I have all three, then the photo outshines the photographer or the equipment.

Enough theory.  Here’s the photo from yesterday:

More to follow. . .


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