Near Miss (and MS Ice failure)

Strong and compact storms moved through New York and New Jersey this afternoon.  No direct hit on West Point, but I did catch this neat development just East of the Hudson Valley.

Two frames–a left and a right–are how I must present this image.  30 images, six HDR frames divided into two photos (15 images each).  Microsoft ICE finally failed for me.  ICE did not know how to combine the images on the right with the corresponding images on the left.  I tried several combinations and these two are the best I could do.  So I present a left and a right view of this interesting system.  On the left is a nice thunderstorm within which it seems to be raining internally.  On the right are what I believe are mammatus clouds (again).

Both images fascinate me equally; I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.




5 thoughts on “Near Miss (and MS Ice failure)

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