Not Breaking News: It Ain’t All About Resolution

My daughter seems to be following in my footsteps.  About a year ago, we gave her a new hand-me-down (new) Vivitar pocket camera (allegedly with a 5MP sensor).  Since that time, she’s been capturing the world around her and has taken over 1,000 photos.  Considering that she’s in elementary school, I am impressed by the quantity of photographs she’s taken–but the quality is decent, too.  I can tell she’s developing her “eye.”

Recently, my wife found an old Kodak DX4330 that she hadn’t used for several years.  I thought it might be a neat (and free) upgrade to my daughter’s somewhat simple Vivitar.  However, the Kodak states plainly on the front that it is a 3.1MP camera.  My wife and I both wondered whether it would outperform the Vivitar.  The Kodak does have a bonus though:  It has optical zoom whereas the Vivitar only has slow, digital zoom.

What to do?  Photo shoot death-match!  I took the following two shots hand-held.  Which camera took each?  That should be fairly easy–since one image posts with EXIF data!  =)

Which image is better?


2 thoughts on “Not Breaking News: It Ain’t All About Resolution

  1. tom whitacre

    I believe “One” is the digital zoom… it seems less focused than “Two”.
    Let me know if I was correct, Paul.

    1. P.Johnston Post author

      Tom: Right on! One is the Vivitar; two is the Kodak. I really like the richer colors, the overall vividness and sharpness. By the way: neither of the images are zoomed–both are at each camera’s default setting (plus flash).


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