True Blue Moon


I pushed every ounce of pixels that I could tonight out of my D300 with my little (and somewhat archaic) 35-105mm lens.  The first time I went out, the moon was just visible and it was pinkish-orange.  My lens fogged up after two shots.

I went back outside later–the moon was higher in the sky (good–less atmosphere to shoot through), and the lighting was very even.  Not much wind.  “I might have a shot,” I thought.

Several shots went into this effort.  The effect is nice–and while I cannot compete with people shooting telephotos or through telescopes, this shot is, uniquely, mine.  And now I can share it with you.  The final blue moon of the year–and the last blue moon for a couple of years (I hear).

Please click on it to view full size on black:


Not Quite Blue. . .

The official blue moon isn’t until tomorrow night (as I’ve heard), but I had to make it out onto the porch tonight for the stunning display that she’s putting on tonight.  This is about as far as my D300’s lens will reach (@105mm, uncorrected).  I thought it would be a good display to show some of the better shots together at once.  It was a grand night for moon photography.  I wish I could have spent more time with her.

If all goes well tomorrow, I might be out to catch a more “official” full (and blue) moon!

Not A Word

Behemoth.  Prometheus.  Gargantuan.  Zeus.

These are some of the words that have been swimming through my mind since capturing this beast. (Click to view full size on black.)

It was big.  So large that I grabbed the camera and shot, shot, shot, and shot.  HDR.  HDR panorama.  Different angles.  Different techniques.  Then I looked at the national radar and saw that this was far, far away–which means it is even larger than it looks!  I wonder what it must have been like to stand beneath such a beast.  But if I had, I wouldn’t have this photo.

I’ve been searching for the proper name for such a storm.  They shower hurricanes with names, but storms like this go unnoticed and unclaimed.  It’s a pity, really.

25 photos for five HDR frames.

Virginia Meadow

Another double-post day.  I probably shouldn’t do that.

After shooting the house, I need to get something between me and it.  Another quirky thing is (and I am NOT kidding here), when I got back to my apartment, I took out the camera and noticed that I had 666 photos remaining.  I didn’t even think–I turned on the camera and took a photo so I had 665 photos remaining.

Here is a photo that should help us all move onto brighter pastures.

Unquestionably Haunted


This house, again.  I’ve run past this house and I have driven past this house.  When running, it feels as though I’m not running by it, but from it.  Where is the second story?  Behind the tree.  The house doesn’t want you to directly see the second story–you have to see it from an angle.  And if you can see the second story windows, then they can see you, too.

I had held off taking a photo.  If I take a photo, then the house comes home with me.  Then the house is with me, rather than at a distance–where I like to keep it.  If it remains at a distance, then I don’t think of it.  I can actually forget it.  Now I will never be able to forget it.  Twice I encountered problems trying to get the image here.  One problem while “developing” the HDR composition.  A further problem saving the jpg version to upload here.  The first time I saved the jpg (as I have done hundreds or thousands of times before), I found only a corrupted file.  That’s a very rare event–the first time in 2012.  It felt like the house was not willing to be here.  Like it did not want to be here for your scrutiny.

Again, click to view on black, full size.

Mourning Ghosts Here

Here’s one photo that will hint at what follows.  I went on a driveabout today that led to a walkabout.  Here’s a HDR panorama (not too many of those, yet, it seems) of the crater on Petersburg National Park (linked).  Click the photo to view full size.

More will follow as I process.  Right here.  In this post.

After I wrap up processing today’s shoot, I plan to shut down.  I am out of time and out of ideas.  Hopefully, something will happen soon to inspire me.

(above) a haunting view of what must have been a bloody battlefield.
And, finally, a gallery:


and now I’m done.  For how long, we’ll see.


Revision: Walkabout

This photo kept nagging me to do something more with it.  Color is fine for most work, although it seems not much happens anymore in black and white.  Why shoot black and white when we have so many colorful megapixels at our disposal?
Click on this one to view full size.  Let me know, if you would, what you think.