At last!

I have to admit that I’ve been a bit disappointed and frustrated with my move.  I’ve not been grading papers (thankfully), but my general schedule has changed in such a way that I’m not looking at things in the same way at the traditional times.  And my location leaves me with a uncharacteristic pessimism.

Wrapping up a long day of studying and Khan Academy, I glance outside and see something that I’ve not seen in over a month.  It’s a warm (maybe hot) glow of magma.  I step out onto my porch to survey the time–have I missed it?  Do I have time?  I grab my D300 and make it downstairs and outside in time to catch these.

I shot until it was over–until the magma turned to embers.  Then I came back to the apartment to process.  I’d not been this excited in awhile; shoot and then process immediately.

While I’m at it, I’ll post a photo of some vultures (?) that I was not terribly excited to process or post.  But the sunset–that was worth every second tonight.  Thanks, Mother Nature!


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