Remix, Reconsideration, (Revision)

Don Murray would be proud of me (I sincerely hope).  Murray was big into revision–so much that he crafted a how-to book of writing titled The Craft of Revision.  I should know–I taught it at least three semesters at the college level.  If I had to condense Murray’s central point in that book, it would be something like this:

doing is not the product of thought, thought is the product of doing

Or:  thinking does not produce action; action produces thought

His actual quote was something more along the lines of: “writing is not the product of thought; though is the product of writing.”  In my experience, he’s correct.

I woke up this morning with a slight discomfort.  Were the photos I posted last night good enough?  Did they really reflect what I had seen?  I looked at them and disappointment struck.  Yesterday’s photos were not even close to the experience.

Here:  a revision that more closely matches my experience from last night.  Full size.

And another update.  Will anybody see this:

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