Upgrading Woes

Why did I change?  While processing the two images I posted earlier today, I noticed that I had not updated Photomatix4 in quite awhile.  So I checked out their website and found out that my version was about 7 (29-Aug-11v4.1.2) versions ago!  I updated and then decided to process a test image to take it on a test drive.

To be honest, I updated because I had noticed a problem here and there.  What sucked me in to the update was this line:

Bug fixed: In some cases, the Finishing Touch window was not showing.

That problem had bothered me too often.  But now that I’ve upgraded, I see they’ve changed the color scheme from a neutral/dove grey to a pinkishgrey that makes text difficult to read.  It’s a low-resolution, modernized window theme the moved to.

I also notice that the image processing has sunk a notch.  Here’s my first HDR photo using Photomatix 4.2.3:

I’m not happy with the “fuzziness” around the left-most tree trunk.   =(


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