Mourning Ghosts Here

Here’s one photo that will hint at what follows.  I went on a driveabout today that led to a walkabout.  Here’s a HDR panorama (not too many of those, yet, it seems) of the crater on Petersburg National Park (linked).  Click the photo to view full size.

More will follow as I process.  Right here.  In this post.

After I wrap up processing today’s shoot, I plan to shut down.  I am out of time and out of ideas.  Hopefully, something will happen soon to inspire me.

(above) a haunting view of what must have been a bloody battlefield.
And, finally, a gallery:


and now I’m done.  For how long, we’ll see.



2 thoughts on “Mourning Ghosts Here”

  1. Good photo shoot. I’m left in awe each time I visit a Civil War Battle Field. How could men have presented themselves to carnage from the barrels of so many cannon and rifles? They had to be such brave men with strong convictions.

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