Not A Word

Behemoth.  Prometheus.  Gargantuan.  Zeus.

These are some of the words that have been swimming through my mind since capturing this beast. (Click to view full size on black.)

It was big.  So large that I grabbed the camera and shot, shot, shot, and shot.  HDR.  HDR panorama.  Different angles.  Different techniques.  Then I looked at the national radar and saw that this was far, far away–which means it is even larger than it looks!  I wonder what it must have been like to stand beneath such a beast.  But if I had, I wouldn’t have this photo.

I’ve been searching for the proper name for such a storm.  They shower hurricanes with names, but storms like this go unnoticed and unclaimed.  It’s a pity, really.

25 photos for five HDR frames.


One thought on “Not A Word

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