True Blue Moon


I pushed every ounce of pixels that I could tonight out of my D300 with my little (and somewhat archaic) 35-105mm lens.  The first time I went out, the moon was just visible and it was pinkish-orange.  My lens fogged up after two shots.

I went back outside later–the moon was higher in the sky (good–less atmosphere to shoot through), and the lighting was very even.  Not much wind.  “I might have a shot,” I thought.

Several shots went into this effort.  The effect is nice–and while I cannot compete with people shooting telephotos or through telescopes, this shot is, uniquely, mine.  And now I can share it with you.  The final blue moon of the year–and the last blue moon for a couple of years (I hear).

Please click on it to view full size on black:


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