Morning Glory–Caught in the Act!

So there I was. . .

Actually, I have been waiting for this moment for six months.  Only I didn’t really know I’d be here to see it.  Some time ago, the Moon passed Venus and Jupiter in the evening sky.  They actually formed a neat triangle for about a week before Venus dipped below the evening sky to emerge in the morning sky for who knows however long.

Three days ago, I looked into the morning sky while trying to wake up (it was a Monday) and I saw that the Moon and Venus were again flirting in the morning sky.  I checked again the following day and saw they were closer.  I knew what to expect!  This morning, I checked my window again upon waking–and was blessed by a third consecutive clear morning.  There they were!  On a date!  I grabbed camera and tripod and went out to catch them in the act!  Here they are–click to view full screen on black.

edit:  It was a conjunction!

One thought on “Morning Glory–Caught in the Act!

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