Around the World

I’m showing my hand here, I suppose.  I haven’t seen many bloggers do this.  But since I am accepting a certain degree of vulnerability by posting my photos and thoughts (more or less) here for anybody’s critique, it comes with the job, I suppose.

Between homework problems, I started digging through my blog stats.  While I’m not (yet) winning any awards nor am I earning any accolades (material or monetary) from this blog, I was very interested to see that my visitors are from far, wide, and diverse locations!

Japan!  New Zealand!  Ireland!  Jersey?!–Nice!  Guatemala!  With most of my visitors from the United States and Canada.

These stats include my entire history–going back to my first post (May 1, 2012).

As I look at this map and the representative flags, I am in awe.  Thank you for visiting.  Thank you for following.  And thank you for your comments and feedback.

But thank you most of all for keeping my fire lit.  You keep me coming coming back and you keep me hunting for the next shot.  Thank you.


1 thought on “Around the World”

  1. Do I have to get a Word Press password for this?

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