Thoughts on Focal Length–and the Evening Moon

The moon is back after spending a week on the dark side (of itself?).
Here it is from about an hour ago:

It’s as good as I can do with my equipment.  And a tighter shot on the moon means missing out on the clouds.

I have a strong desire to go wider.  Nikon’s 20mm f/2.8 (link) is currently my lens of lust.  But it won’t get close to the moon.  This 300mm f/4 lens will, though.  However, I don’t do nearly as much moon photography as I do weather or landscape.  And I want to do more street photography, too.  A 300mm lens might be good for creeping and peeping–but I’m not into that.  A 20mm lens would be idea for indoors, walkabouts, landscape, and getting the ENTIRE STORM in one frame (rather than 3 or 5).

So perhaps the moon will have to wait.  There are hundreds (thousands) of great moon shots online.  They show the moon in stunning detail–but only the moon.  How often can I take photos of the crescent moon photos until I realize that little changes between frames?

But the weather and the streets are constantly changing.



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