Comet Hunting (Geminids)

Something new/different.

Over the past couple of days, several people had shot me notes about the meteor shower last night.  So, after everyone was in bed and the Earth had quieted, I stepped out into the darkness of my back yard with my D300, a tripod, and a wireless remote (and a red-lensed flashlight).  ZIP!  A falling star streaked down toward the horizon near  the Big Dipper.  zip.  A short streak towards Orion’s belt.  I was in the right location.  I set up and started capturing 30s frames of the sky.

Although I saw nearly 20 falling stars in the 45 minutes I was out beneath the wonderful night sky, not one falling star appeared on film.  The night was not a loss, though; I saw falling stars galore and I captured some nice imagery.

I suggest clicking on each photo to see the stars and details.

I shot, shot, and shot.  And then I pointed the camera at another location around the Geminids.  I took a break from the Geminids to capture Orion, Taurus, Jupiter, and the Pleiades.

My impression:  Falling stars are more difficult to capture than lightning.

And as my resolve waned, the cold began penetrating my layers as the clouds seemed to simultaneously roll in from both the East and West.  It was time to wrap it up for the evening.

Perhaps there will be another opportunity tonight. . .

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