New Year, New Lens!

Thank you, Mom & Dad!

During Christmas, they picked up a Nikkor 20mm f/2.8 lens for me.  I’ve been dreaming of wide-angle and fast/bright glass for quite awhile now.  And now, I have this amazing glass!

Here’s an early couple of shots through the 20.  New style for me wide and prime.

This dog is my vote into heaven.  She’s an angel who’s kept my family company through everything.  I hope I’ve been good to her–she’s certainly been good to me and my family.  She turns 13 this year and remains a happy and comforting soul.

The red diner has been in Highland Falls, NY for a long time.  It has always been.  Like the Overlook Hotel, it will always be.  A great place for a weekend breakfast or brunch, at night, a different personality appears.

Right now, the 20 has a permanent home on my D300.  It’s teaching me more about composition and learning where to stand (thanks, Ansel).  I am finding inspiration and perspective from it–and it opens up a world of possibilities.  Thanks, Mom & Dad!


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