Army Photography Contest Results: Placed!

Today, I discovered that one of my original 19 photos submitted to the 2012 Army Photo Contest was awarded third place!

I submitted last year and walked away with nothing.  Thanks to my girl–Soulmate–who reminded me about the impending deadline.  I scrambled to assemble and submit 19 to the Fort Lee, VA staff.  They then sent 11 up the “all Army” level; of my 11, a photo that I thought had the least chance actually picked up third place in the “Nature and Landscapes” category.  Here’s the photo (“Lusk Fog”) and the collage showing the progression.  I’ve shaded photos that did not make it to the Army level.  The remaining photos were judged at the “all Army” level, and the photo with the green border is also shown below full size.

It was a wonderful day and I am so pleased to have picked up something this year!

Be sure to click on the photos to view on black.

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