Dry Spell (v2)

Having ideas is different than going out to see things to photograph.

In other words, thinking is different than hunting.  Or:  thinking is different than doing.  My friend Mike, who teaches writing, is a believer in doing.  In fact, Mike would probably agree with me that instead of thinking of something to do, it’s far better (and more productive) to do something to realize what it is I should do.

So, looking at some things that have been sitting on my desk, and the lighting today (sunny in Virginia), I started playing around with staples.  When I saw the illusion, I grabbed the camera and attempted to capture it.

Here it is.  Thank you, Escher, for the inspiration and the perspective.



Wildfire.  Doing did create an opportunity to think.  Thanks, Mike, and Don Murray!  I don’t expect to do much more with this today, but I now have an idea of where I can go.  Another shot:



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