Stability Yields Results (maybe)

I had to get out tonight.  I was that kind of day.  And after shooting from my third-floor porch (made of wood), I wanted to find out if I could get better results shooting on firm ground (concrete).

Two shots below might tell the story.  While they are still not as clear/sharp as I’d like, they seem considerably better than what I get from my porch–although I have to walk to get to the concrete and I did have to dodge one car in the parking lot across the way.

The photos:


(Above, processed slightly more; below, processed slightly less).



8 thoughts on “Stability Yields Results (maybe)”

    1. Actually, full moons are the most challenging (it’s a sphere–how do you get the entire sphere in focus?). When it’s partially lit, whether more or less, that’s when it’s best. And the golden opportunity is a 1-9% crescent, if you can spot it and capture it!

  1. Concrete is absolutely better for observing/imaging than a porch. A porch offers lots of vibration. Excellent shots! 🙂

    1. Good point and something I knew but resisted due to the ease of simply going out onto my wooden porch. Now I know the difference it makes, and will seek concrete and enough time for my 4″ tube to reach ambient temps!

  2. Yes,cool down time is a must. Lets not forget the skies transparency either. That also plays a role on achieving a good focus. I am very sure you will nail the focus soon!. I will be watching 🙂

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