Money and More Staples

I recently was given change as part of a grocery transaction.  One coin stood out as particularly worn, tarnished, and rough.  It had a patina.  Time stopped for me as I read the date:  1939.  That was a word that was perhaps blissfully and optimistically ignorant of the World War around the corner.  It was actually somewhat late in 1939 when the whole thing kicked off:

September 1, 1939: World War II began as Nazi Germany invaded Poland.

50-cent nickel

Did this coin serve in Europe or Africa?  Was it some Soldier or Sailor’s “lucky” coin?  If only this coin has RFID or some other technology that could help me find out where it’s been since it was minted.  Is it valuable?  In terms of money, I found out that this nickel has likely increased in value since it was minted–it is now worth about $0.50.  Proof here.


Today, the lighting was good enough to seduce me into more staple photography.  Here’s my work from today.

I told you boys not to play around here!Mother'sAdvice-email


Puzzle 01:Puzzle01-email

Puzzle 02:Puzzle02-email


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