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Priceless Moon Tonight

The skies were very, very quite tonight.  The Moon was out.  Therefore, I was out, too.

One of the better shots of the moon I’ve ever taken.  I even surprised myself.

Edit:  the Moon was 238,415 miles from Earth that night.  She’s on her way toward us–at a perigee distance of 225,222.  I had to constantly make sure the Moon had not crept off-frame during this shoot–it filled the frame nicely!

Better Best Moon Yet

Early Spring Virginia Storm

Late Friday afternoon, Central Virginia saw some pretty special weather.  We had a rolling tornado watch–ending first at 5pm, then 6:30pm, then 8pm, and then 9pm (if I remember correctly).  Before the bad weather approached, I went out with my camera to capture some of the mean-looking clouds.  They looked very angry, indeed.  I saw a swirl of fast-moving white clouds that hung down beneath the cloud ceiling, and though I was about to see a tornado form–but nothing materialized.  Soon, though, I heard it.  And then the Texas-sized raindrops began falling.  I ran for cover and caught the rest of the storm from indoors.

We had three fantastic waves roll though.  Each produced its own cloud wall, and its own direction of rainfall.  It was an exciting evening–I hope these photos show how exciting it was.



Above:  The rain was so hard that it obscured the large pine tree only about 50 yards away.


Above:  A cloud wall from the second wave moving away (East).


Above:  A cloud wall from the third wave approaching.


Above:  Stretchy clouds.

Early Summer Fun

Walking around tonight around sunset, I noticed kids were out enjoying the warm Virginia evening.  This scene, however, really caught my eye.  Shoes were flying off and I got dizzy simply watching them spin around and around!  Who was having more fun, though–the kids holding on for dear life, or the young man putting full effort into generating maximum velocity?  After I had taken the photo, kids ran up to me asking me if I’m a photographer.  I am starting to feel more and more like an authentic photographer every time I frame a shot.

It was great–and they all enjoyed seeing the photo on the back of my D300.