Portrait Photography–Sort Of

I’d been itchin for awhile to get a good portrait shot to post here.  Today, my 13 year-old Beagle looked at me in such a way that I knew I had my subject.

I commanded her to sit.  Bailey instantly knew I was taking her photo.  She even whined with excitement in-between two sets.  When I was done shooting, she exploded with happiness and tail wagging and looked at the camera as if to say, “Please let me see how I look.”

This old Beagle has been through everything with me and my family.  I held her when she was a whimpering 8 week-old puppy.  She’s in her golden years, now–but sitting for my camera today seemed to add a spark to her day.  Since I took these photos, Bailey has been at my side, tail wagging; I wonder “what is she thinking?”.





Around West Point

Startlingly clear day at West Point.  Took this medium-format, old-timey style photograph showing some detail from the plain.

This place has a memory.  Time largely stands still here as memory resists fading.  Traditions continue.  Some bars are raised while other bars are awarded at graduation.

Graduates return as veterans of military service.  Many graduates return having served in combat, battles, conflict, or war.  Returning to this location is the closest many of us will get to time traveling.  Anyone who looks at the old eyes of a graduate sees recognition, longing, and the fog of recollection.  Those who graduate from this place have returned home at least once–some for eternity.  All who graduate from West Point have, in our rock-bound highland academy, some vestige of home.


One Year

That’s how long I’ve been here at pj8photography.wordpress.com.

I somewhat recall starting this blog one year ago on May 1st.  Now, over 100 posts and more than 5,000 visitors later, I am still here and enjoying myself.  I hope you are.

In that time, I have learned much more about photography, my D300, composition, as well as  access, luck, and timing.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to meet other photographers.  Thank you, Dad, Tommy, Bev, Nancy, and John for the inspiration, the great conversations, and for pushing me farther than I would have gone on my own.  I have to also thank solitude–for helping me find Van Gogh.

Thank you, readers, visitors most of all.  Your visits and your “likes” keep me going.

Woo Hoo!  One year under my belt!