2003, Afghanistan

A rare military photo from my past.   Edited in GIMP.

It was a hot, sticky, and challenging day–typical of a day in Afghanistan.  However, we learned of a slingload operation and the collective mood picked up, although unless you were a member of the company you would not have noticed.  The Soldiers were trained and we had the equipment.  All we needed to do was show up on time.  So we did.  I let the non-commissioned officers (NCOs) lead the mission while I fought the prop-wash to get the following photo.  Standing beside a hovering CH-47 Chinook is a unique experience:  imagine being in a sandstorm while being kicked in the chest twice per second.

After the team hooked up the load to the Chinook, they dismounted and departed the mission so the helicopter could lift off.  As quickly as we hooked up the load the mission was over.  Back to the hooches and makeshift offices for the team.  Here’s hoping the cargo makes it and the recipients have more than they need.



DCP_2314 Gimp Edit Rotated


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