I’m Awake!

It started snowing (again) in Kansas.  There were nice, petite flakes falling on our patio table–just enough to entice me to take out the ol’ Nikon, turn the lens around to go super macro, and see whether I could capture any of them ultra-close.

Here are the results.  They are not perfect, but they’re a start to a new goal.





One thought on “I’m Awake!

  1. clicketynix

    I love these snowflake pictures. I started noticing snowflake pictures this year, because they blow my mind. Being from ND and knowing that every snowflake is different but never SEEIng the difference…How did this many years go past without macro photography in my life! So what is the new goal? Mine is to finish a 365 project sometime in a year block, tried three times and failed every time! 😦 My two photo buddies and I are doing that and our blog at cuspfish.com, girl .in.camo is fantastic, my handle on there and 365project.org is clicketynix. our # on facebook, instagram and pinterest is #3H2oPhotoaday #clicketyprintgirls. we have a loose group of photographers that post a photoaday on this link in facebook, and you don’t have to be friends with everyone it is a closed group, but cool to bounce pics off of other photo folks, but more intimate setting than a big 365 group… We actually started because on of the members got removed from the fat mum slim photo a day site because of a photo she took of her daughter shooting a gun at the range. The theme was safety. and she got badgered and trashed for her picture and didn’t want to stop doing a photo a day project, If you want to join go to


    Keep Clickin’ Clicketynix 🙂


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