April Storm and a Curious Robin

Thrilling storms rolled across Kansas yesterday.  I’m sad to know that those storms built in intensity and eventually brought death and destruction further East.

Nevertheless, when the worst had passed (in Kansas), the sunset broke through.  I check to see if there was in fact a rainbow, and when I saw the full-sky rainbow, I grabbed my D300 and put the circular polarizing filter on it.  This is the first time I’ve shot a rainbow with the filter.  You might agree that this technique works well for rainbows!

A little later, I mounted the 300mm (450mm effective) and perched on my front porch.  In a little while, this robin perched on our tree about ten feet from my lens.  On about the 10th photo, he heard the shutter, and kept looking at me like he was trying to figure out exactly what I was.





Spinning spinning spinning. This is a motion we don’t see during the winter months, and the sudden motion out of the corner of the eye and the bright splash of color suggests we are in another part of the year all together.  The whimsical fancy of a pinwheel can not be matched by any other summer device.


Not Mine

Not the media, not the photograph, not the trash, not the camera.  But the composition is.

What is art?  What is trash?  What is artificial?  What is real?

What is valued, and if it is not valued, is it art?

The original photo (of the trash) a colleague produced as a critique of art in a post-modernist construct.  I must admit that I liked half of it, but that he critiqued the production of art by making “anti-art” inspired me to flip it back upon him by turning his anti-art into something more recognizable.  You tell me if it worked.

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