Special Sunset

I posted this to facebook and Flickr first.  My apologies.

Here’s a HDR panorama that I took last night.  The clouds were spectacular and I went on a small walkabout as the sun was setting.  When I got out of the housing and away from the trees, I could see the full glory of what I could only glimpse a part.  Six frames (three shots each) processed and then stitched.  This is a 1/3 scale of the final image:

6_stitch-b edit 33%


Clear Sky Storms

The clear blue sky was interrupted by spectacular formations that were both large and high.

Then sunset began.  Here is a large and threatening formation that thankfully remained south of our home.  The bubbles in the upper left might be indications of hail.


Buried, Part IV


So there I was. . .

True story.  In command of a supply and support company in Afghanistan.  2003-ish.  Slingload missions seems aplenty.  I decided to take my somewhat rudimentary Nikon out to capture these mission in-action.  Here’s one I recently rediscovered.

DCP_2286 Slingload Ready