KS Spider

This gal has been spinning evening and morning webs in front of our house that are amazing.  Spanning more than 10 feet from porch to the nearest tree, she makes the 2-3′ web twice a day.  In-between, she rests in the flag holder on our porch.

The family says “kill her” sensing danger; however, I marvel at her work ethic and beauty.

She seemed to be sleeping this afternoon and allowed me to get close enough to her for a photo op.  What kind of spider is she?  And is that an egg sac above her?

She catches bugs.  She helps guard our house from invaders.  I believe I’ll keep her around.




Glorious Moon!

Great seeing conditions tonight produced one of the better shots I’ve taken of our Moon.  We share her.  We admire her.  And we have, over the past couple of Millennia looked up at her and wondered:  How fortunate we are to have her companionship in the night.

I can count on one hand the number of things I love more than her.  She is a constant.  She is a light.  She is a challenge to capture.