Spring Flowers

Yellow in the Sun

Purple in the Rain


DSC_5530_1_2_tonemapped-a 40%


2 thoughts on “Spring Flowers”

  1. Okay, I looked at Blogger. I’ve been blogging about 5 years or so. I have had 78 page views so far today, and 102 yesterday …. 331,755 total… but I don’t post daily, and I am not a well known blogger. I do follow other bloggers, and you do get a certain amount of views from their following you… and I also put my posts on FB unless it’s something really that I don’t want the whole world to read, because all my classmates, family and friends follow Facebook… I’m Mary Ann Yoder there, and it’s easy to post your blogpost on FB. My former work associates all keep up with what I’m doing, and the photographers with whom I’m friends also do. Maybe if you went to blogger you would have more page views :-). It was good to meet you! I did a post today if you want to look.

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