Back from the bottomless blender

Much has changed in the past three years. I’m now single, retired from an Army career, and homeless–more or less.

I’m existing with my dog, my auto, and the kindness and charity of friends and family.

My plan: to sometime in the next couple of weeks depart for the American West. Drive, visit, and photograph several National Parks.

I’ve a tentative route but no defined timeline.

Three 27-gallon XXL Commander bins to sort gear. Less than $12 each and made in the USA. They nest, too.

I’ll post my adventure here as I go.

More to follow.


Oh, How I Miss the Hudson River

While looking for a new Windows 8.1 lock screen image, I stumbled upon this photo–which I captured in January of 2012.  I have to admit that I’m somewhat partial–but I much prefer this black and white photo to the loud splash of color that is the default lock screen image.

While I’m on the topic of Windows 8.1, I must say that it seems like a solid operating system crippled by a horrible and assuming interface.  That’s why I set up a dual-boot system with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS–a much cleaner interface and, while it’s not a perfect operating system, it’s pretty good in terms of stability and features.  If you are looking for a free operating system (and a free office experience), then Ubuntu is pretty good.  Expect a learning curve and some interface with the command prompt.

In other words, with free comes the price of a challenge.  =)

Back to the photo:  the day was filled with low clouds and river fog.  The fog stuck to the fjord and the water like glue.  It seemed to ebb and flow with the tidal river.  The breeze would lick as the fog and create interesting effects as it contradicted the flow of the water.  This is one of many images that I captured that day.  More to come, perhaps, if I can process them.


City Museum

Bumming around St Louis, we ran into a museum. But more than that we ran into a building filled with a maze that contained a museum.   we wandered around, pumping our heads knees and shoulders on crawl spaces, walls, and pipes, eventually finding our way to the museum within the museum.”


Album cover


Vanishing point


Gordian knot


Better with sharing


Advert #2


Advert #1

So very different from last year.


My work has turned dark.   Much black and white.   If that means anything.  But this year we have the tallest Christmas tree we’ve ever had, and we included everyone in trimming it.  What started as a sappy deadfall on a fence is now our seasonal centerpiece.  All we now need is snow!  But that’s white. . .