Best Moon in Awhile (maybe ever)

These photos show what I’ve learned in the past two years.  Seeing was average, with intermittent clouds blocking my view.  The November weather was cool, but very forgiving.  I bounced back and forth between Modern Family and the Moon.

This time, I used every trick in the bag.  1200mm, motor drive, RAW and processed in Nikon CapureNX.

First, black and white (camera mode monochrome):


Next, color enhanced:



I’m Losing My Edge

I can move only so far before I’m disoriented beyond repair.  Before I end up listening to this song on repeat:

Before my camera starts to look at me like an abused pet.

I’m losing my edge.

I’m losing my edge.

This blog is slowing down.  I’m losing my edge.

Play something for me.


Second Technique / Second Movement

Enough with staples.  For now.

Working more with this technique because no photo turns out the same time way twice.  A friend visited during the weekend and he wanted to see the technique–to see how I created these.  After seeing me work, he wanted to help.  So these shots contain a slight progression of technique.

Maybe I need to get around to giving these titles.

Click on the photos to view on black.


Failing Party

Odd Pairings

7 Layer

Rock Star

Something New (again?)

Don’t ask me.  I cannot tell you where this idea came from.  I’m not even sure it works.  But I will tell you that I’m posting the two photographs together.  One on top; the other beneath.

What do you think?

It’s a bit of an experiment.  I might do more of this, especially because I can never capture the same assortment twice.  Each time I click the shutter, I’ve just taken a photo that can never be reproduced.

09-email 10-email

Pouring, Dashing Hopes of Capturing the Budding Supermoon

That’s a long title for this post!

It’s raining in Virginia.  In fact, it’s been pouring at times so hard that it makes it tough to see across the street.  Now that the sun’s gone down, I’d hoped for a break in the clouds that might make it possible to see the budding Supermoon.  Alas, no such luck.  It’s still raining.

Nevertheless, I took out the camera and tried to capture something different.  Something new.



Dare You. . .

I dare you.  I double-dog dare you to try this.

Was I alone?  It didn’t feel like it.  Was it dark?  Yes–and it was getting impossibly darker.

What time was it?  I didn’t check my watch.  But I did have to make it back to the hidden cemetery for one more photo shoot.  This time, I wanted to try something different.  Please let me know what you think.

This place has fascinated me for the past year.  And as unique as it is–and as much as I want to go there to get these photographs, I hate coming back to my apartment.  It feels like each time I go (and return), I bring back a little more of this place.



Alone II

Textured Cross

Eternal Neighbors

Eternal Neighbors, Black and White

Pushing Up into the Blood Sky

Unnoticed Storm

Double Buried, or Pulling Down the Cross



Sinking, Black and White

Around the Area Today

Some photos from a walkabout today, and one photo of Thursday’s storm in the VA area.

Not much to say, otherwise.  Not much I can say.  Not much I should say.