Resplendent Heron

Minnesota.  Lake of the Woods.

Home to wildlife and pure Nature in quantities that defy comprehension.

This bird was brave and bold.  Hopefully I’ve captured both his color and his spirit in this graphic.







Daytime Moon

This afternoon was a blissful opportunity to capture her again.  I was there at 4pm Eastern to frame her within my 1200mm lens.  I was able also to finally figure out the sharpness issue that’s plagued me for the past two years.  CELEBRATION!   Here’s one of the better shots from the afternoon session.  The sky was blue (bright, stunning blue that reminds me of the outstanding book I just finished:  Sacré Bleu) which added a slight bit of challenge to render the following photo.  It’s one of the best–not HDR (yet), just one frame.  Lowest ISO on my D300, 1/40s at 1200mm f/12.


True Blue Moon


I pushed every ounce of pixels that I could tonight out of my D300 with my little (and somewhat archaic) 35-105mm lens.  The first time I went out, the moon was just visible and it was pinkish-orange.  My lens fogged up after two shots.

I went back outside later–the moon was higher in the sky (good–less atmosphere to shoot through), and the lighting was very even.  Not much wind.  “I might have a shot,” I thought.

Several shots went into this effort.  The effect is nice–and while I cannot compete with people shooting telephotos or through telescopes, this shot is, uniquely, mine.  And now I can share it with you.  The final blue moon of the year–and the last blue moon for a couple of years (I hear).

Please click on it to view full size on black:

Not Quite Blue. . .

The official blue moon isn’t until tomorrow night (as I’ve heard), but I had to make it out onto the porch tonight for the stunning display that she’s putting on tonight.  This is about as far as my D300’s lens will reach (@105mm, uncorrected).  I thought it would be a good display to show some of the better shots together at once.  It was a grand night for moon photography.  I wish I could have spent more time with her.

If all goes well tomorrow, I might be out to catch a more “official” full (and blue) moon!

Found #15

Here’s a new side of my photography.  I like finding strange things in unusual places–and taking pictures of them.  Today’s find is a blue cube very reminiscent of the blue cube from the movie  Mulholland Dr.

Unfortunately, I did not have my Nikon–this is a Blackberry photo (my sincerest apologies).

I did not touch it.