Buried, part 1

Buried within my archives are a few treasures.  I’m surprised that I captured, photographed, or produced an image.  But there they sit, forgotten on my hard drive or an earlier post on WordPress–and buried beneath the endless prospect of yesterday’s photographs.

I have favorite photographs.  Most of the time, they remain consistent.  But frequently I favor and then reconsider as favorites my photographs.  While most of us would recognize the sin of claiming a favorite child or a favorite wife, whenever I think of the photographs I’ve taken, a few readily come to mind as my best or my favorite.  I will, from time to time, bring them back to the surface in order to discuss them, explain them, or make them more visible for visitors.

The photo below is one of those “favorites.”  Admitting this exposes me in several ways (far beyond having a public portfolio).  Perhaps I’ve chosen poorly.  Perhaps my choice reveals something about me beyond what I intend to share.  Perhaps you will simply disagree with me.

I would include this photo in my professional portfolio.  I believe that it shows potential and vision.  It shows style.  And many aspects of the photo are accidental.  I’ve posted it in my flickr account, on deviantart, and it even is in my archive here.  Why it’s at the top:  the setting was decadent.  The weather and lighting was spectacular.  The model a very happy, positive, and attractive lady.  The fountain, an idea, and the model drove the composition.  Only afterward, did I really notice the sunglasses, the shirt, and the lighting.  And then I see the people in the background.  The man with the striped shirt.  The water (everywhere–more than I had remembered).  And the illusion (still unsure if it worked as well as I wanted).

One thing I’m sure of:  I’d take this photo again.  And again.  And again.