Moon @ 1200

More than a week of clouds and five straight days of rain in Virginia.  Then a weekend up at West Point under clear skies.  Either she or I were out of position for a dance.  It seemed she was only teasing me.

But tonight, the right conditions combined beautifully with some time and the right equipment.  She remained still enough for me to capture these images.

I’m still struggling to get the sharpness with the 1200.  But, hey–it ain’t always about the sharpness!



Stop It, You Two

Actually don’t stop.  I love to watch!

Over the past few days, I’ve watched the slow, sultry dance of the moon as she takes full opportunity of the pre-dawn light to get ever closer to her partner Venus.  This morning was cool and calm, and as I admired the two above, I realized that I had just enough time to mount the camera to the tripod.  Encounters, mounting, and privacy.  Was this photography or 50 Shades of Grey?


This is the second time I’ve captured the two hanging out together in the early morning sky.  The first was exactly 30 days ago!  How far have we traveled around the sun since then?  How far has the moon traveled around us as we’ve traveled around the sun?  And how many kisses have the moon and Venus shared in relative secrecy while those below (not in the Army) slept in?

Three I’ll post today.