Spring Flowers

Yellow in the Sun

Purple in the Rain


DSC_5530_1_2_tonemapped-a 40%


Nearly out of a fairy tale

This black toad hopped around while I was out mowing.  He escaped the whirling blades of death by ducking beneath the fence.

When I went out to put everything away, he was sitting next to this yellow-orange toadstool.

He remained in place for me to snap about ten photos.  It was quiet and time stopped; it really seemed magical.


KS Spider

This gal has been spinning evening and morning webs in front of our house that are amazing.  Spanning more than 10 feet from porch to the nearest tree, she makes the 2-3′ web twice a day.  In-between, she rests in the flag holder on our porch.

The family says “kill her” sensing danger; however, I marvel at her work ethic and beauty.

She seemed to be sleeping this afternoon and allowed me to get close enough to her for a photo op.  What kind of spider is she?  And is that an egg sac above her?

She catches bugs.  She helps guard our house from invaders.  I believe I’ll keep her around.



I’m Awake!

It started snowing (again) in Kansas.  There were nice, petite flakes falling on our patio table–just enough to entice me to take out the ol’ Nikon, turn the lens around to go super macro, and see whether I could capture any of them ultra-close.

Here are the results.  They are not perfect, but they’re a start to a new goal.





Today’s Rescue

He was in our driveway.  My son and I tried to gently scare him to safety, but he wouldn’t really budge.  So I gently picked him up and moved him to a large tree branch where he sat until I returned with my camera.

Nicely posed:


Extreme close-up!


Catching up, Responding to Challenges

A large post.  Possibly my largest post.  Certainly my most complex or diverse posting.  Therefore, I’ll provide a bit of guidance for you–hopefully it will make things easier for you to understand / navigate.

Four sections:  Fireworks, Market, Textures, Walkabout.

“Fireworks” is a “WIP,” or “work in progress.”  Each year, I head out to see if I can improve my firework photography.  Because the 4th of July only rolls around once a year, I only really can apply the general skills / knowledge acquired over the past year to those challenging conditions.

“Market” is my attempt to respond to my first challenge by a professional photographer to “get out” and about with my camera.

“Textures” is my attempt to respond to my second challenge by the same professional photographer to create unique textures to use when layering photographs.

“Walkabout.”  Should be pretty obvious.  Some macro, some wildlife photos.

Fireworks.  Some of the best fireworks photos I’ve taken.

Market.  Target of opportunity.  I wish I’d had more time.

Textures.  Collected over two days.  A decent beginning–I might do more of this.

Walkabout.  Trying to get creative during the weekend hiatus.

Slump. And a spider. We’re surviving together.

1,000 views on June 9.  Now this.  Nothing.

Blog seems to now be dead and it perfectly coincides with a loss of my creativity.

However, one small happiness in Virginia is a small pet that I’ve “adopted.”  He (maybe a she) doesn’t quite know it, but over the past two days, I’ve noticed this little spider surviving out on my porch.  He seems to be happy despite the heavy rain and wind we’ve had lately.  This is one of the best macro photos I’ve created of that little critter.  Maybe someday soon he and I can get lucky and I can photograph him wrapping a catch!

And it’s a small little spider–about the size of a grain of rice.