Stunning! Then clouds moved in.


Woke up earlier than expected to see it take place.  Estimates were far off, though.  When I went outside to see whether weather had snuffed my opportunity, this is what I saw:

DSC_1392 Near Totality

My youngest came out–escorted by my wife–blinking to comprehend what I was showing him.

I watched, I wondered, and then I shot a few more photos.

And then clouds moved in:ThenCloudsMovedIn


Winter sunrise

Driving into work this morning, I saw a familiar light.  I looked over my shoulder and saw something that made me pull over.  I noticed a horizontal line with dark blobs sitting atop like globs of paint.  Thank you, again, Mother Nature! 



Outside on the porch this morning, I spied a visitor.  This gal was brightly colored and exquisite in details.  Although I had been sitting at my desk drinking coffee and thinking photography, her presence pulled me outside to capture her.

I tried some closeup shots with my 20mm–I couldn’t get close / big enough.  Then I went to my old 35-105 macro zoom.  That wasn’t close enough, either.  Then I tried a trick that I’d read about.  It took some on-the-job learning, but I got it to work out.  Super macro trick!  The depth-of-field / focus plane is very shallow on these, but between the group, you should get a pretty good idea of what she looks like.  What a shame; unlike my friend, the spider, I believe she’ll not be sticking around.

This technique works, but I need to think about it a little more and practice much more.  My only concerns is that it exposes the lens and camera to much dust and outside elements that usually do not come into contact with these parts.  Is it worth the risk?   You tell me (please).

Nose horn

Forehead guard


Antenna Detail

Eye Reflection


Here it is: the thinnest moon I’ve captured.  If fortune is with me tomorrow morning, and I am able to rise before the sun, then I have a shot at capturing the impossible:  a waning 0.4% crescent.  If I had something a little longer than my 35-105mm, I’d possibly have something very, very special.

These are merely okay.

These are one of the better shots from this morning.  Three shots, full frame, and a crop of one included.  Look closely–it’s easy to miss!

Morning Glory–Caught in the Act!

So there I was. . .

Actually, I have been waiting for this moment for six months.  Only I didn’t really know I’d be here to see it.  Some time ago, the Moon passed Venus and Jupiter in the evening sky.  They actually formed a neat triangle for about a week before Venus dipped below the evening sky to emerge in the morning sky for who knows however long.

Three days ago, I looked into the morning sky while trying to wake up (it was a Monday) and I saw that the Moon and Venus were again flirting in the morning sky.  I checked again the following day and saw they were closer.  I knew what to expect!  This morning, I checked my window again upon waking–and was blessed by a third consecutive clear morning.  There they were!  On a date!  I grabbed camera and tripod and went out to catch them in the act!  Here they are–click to view full screen on black.

edit:  It was a conjunction!

A Morning Spider

I stepped outside to check the weather before a run this morning–and that’s when my primal instinct kicked in.  Stretched from a folded patio umbrella to the patio table was this little critter.  He must have worked quite a while on this before the sunrise showed his work in its full glory.  After the run, I stopped by again to get more (and better) photos.  But he–and almost all evidence of his work–were gone.