Spring Flowers

Yellow in the Sun

Purple in the Rain


DSC_5530_1_2_tonemapped-a 40%


Clear Sky Storms

The clear blue sky was interrupted by spectacular formations that were both large and high.

Then sunset began.  Here is a large and threatening formation that thankfully remained south of our home.  The bubbles in the upper left might be indications of hail.


Kansas Weather at its Best

Friday night lights!

A warm, dense mass of air came up from the Gulf of Mexico. A formidable winter storm (named Atlas) was moving eastward.

The two natural forces collided over Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri. The result: several tornadoes, hail, as well as massive amounts of rain and snow.

We received a spectacular lightning storm–and enough rain to cause small streams and small rivers in residential areas. Thankfully, the severe weather missed us.

Here are a few shots that I captured last night. Enjoy, and thank you again for following!



Above:  Most of the lightning was above the cloud ceiling–this strike made it below the clouds.


Above:  Lightning illuminates the angry sky.  Those clouds look very stretchy–like cotton candy!



Above:  More lightning-lit clouds.


Above:  It starts above, weaves through the clouds, and then peaks out below.


Above:  It was pitch black.  The wind-driven rain began pelting me and my camera.  Then lightning struck.

Slump. And a spider. We’re surviving together.

1,000 views on June 9.  Now this.  Nothing.

Blog seems to now be dead and it perfectly coincides with a loss of my creativity.

However, one small happiness in Virginia is a small pet that I’ve “adopted.”  He (maybe a she) doesn’t quite know it, but over the past two days, I’ve noticed this little spider surviving out on my porch.  He seems to be happy despite the heavy rain and wind we’ve had lately.  This is one of the best macro photos I’ve created of that little critter.  Maybe someday soon he and I can get lucky and I can photograph him wrapping a catch!

And it’s a small little spider–about the size of a grain of rice.


Pouring, Dashing Hopes of Capturing the Budding Supermoon

That’s a long title for this post!

It’s raining in Virginia.  In fact, it’s been pouring at times so hard that it makes it tough to see across the street.  Now that the sun’s gone down, I’d hoped for a break in the clouds that might make it possible to see the budding Supermoon.  Alas, no such luck.  It’s still raining.

Nevertheless, I took out the camera and tried to capture something different.  Something new.



1,361,610,000,000,000 pixels–in one shot!


Taken back in June 2012.  This storm was over Connecticut, but was visible just West of the Hudson River in New York.  It was a true behemoth!  I couldn’t capture the entire image in my 35mm lens, so I grabbed a grid of HDR images of the storm system.

A fun fact to start the explanation of the title:  The D300 has a 12.3 megapixel sensor, so nine frames of 12.3 MP actually turns out to be 37.9 MP by 37.9 MP in size.

OR  *drumroll*

1,361,610,000,000,000 pixels–that’s 1.36 quadrillion pixels!
Now the photo.  I recommend clicking on it.


Painted Storm

Driving and driving

I’ve been driving, and lately I’ve been driven.  Most recently, I’ve been blessed and lucky to be driven to.  Over the past two weeks, miles and miles have taken us apart and rejoined us.  Reconnected us.  It’s shots like this that remind me of the gulf between.