The wonder of revision

Found, recovered, reposted, and explained.

Then, I noticed that the colors seemed more washed out than I had intended.

Here’s a better version.  Maybe I’m just being picky.


Revision: Walkabout

This photo kept nagging me to do something more with it.  Color is fine for most work, although it seems not much happens anymore in black and white.  Why shoot black and white when we have so many colorful megapixels at our disposal?
Click on this one to view full size.  Let me know, if you would, what you think.


Remix, Reconsideration, (Revision)

Don Murray would be proud of me (I sincerely hope).  Murray was big into revision–so much that he crafted a how-to book of writing titled The Craft of Revision.  I should know–I taught it at least three semesters at the college level.  If I had to condense Murray’s central point in that book, it would be something like this:

doing is not the product of thought, thought is the product of doing

Or:  thinking does not produce action; action produces thought

His actual quote was something more along the lines of: “writing is not the product of thought; though is the product of writing.”  In my experience, he’s correct.

I woke up this morning with a slight discomfort.  Were the photos I posted last night good enough?  Did they really reflect what I had seen?  I looked at them and disappointment struck.  Yesterday’s photos were not even close to the experience.

Here:  a revision that more closely matches my experience from last night.  Full size.

And another update.  Will anybody see this: