London, 2010

Catching up with the past.  Reviewing photos from a trip I made almost five years ago, I found this nugget.

While walking through Hyde Park in London, there were many sights to behold.

-A smiling golden retriever enjoying his master’s ice cream
-And then this scene

A young lady was feeding a patient and somewhat tame Canadian Goose.  The mother, sans shoes, was standing strongly behind the girl.  Her handbag and shoes hint as their social status.  The girl’s hat adds a bit of flair to her otherwise plain dress.

It could be any date, any year, and in any part of the world (almost).



Thoughts on Focal Length–and the Evening Moon

The moon is back after spending a week on the dark side (of itself?).
Here it is from about an hour ago:

It’s as good as I can do with my equipment.  And a tighter shot on the moon means missing out on the clouds.

I have a strong desire to go wider.  Nikon’s 20mm f/2.8 (link) is currently my lens of lust.  But it won’t get close to the moon.  This 300mm f/4 lens will, though.  However, I don’t do nearly as much moon photography as I do weather or landscape.  And I want to do more street photography, too.  A 300mm lens might be good for creeping and peeping–but I’m not into that.  A 20mm lens would be idea for indoors, walkabouts, landscape, and getting the ENTIRE STORM in one frame (rather than 3 or 5).

So perhaps the moon will have to wait.  There are hundreds (thousands) of great moon shots online.  They show the moon in stunning detail–but only the moon.  How often can I take photos of the crescent moon photos until I realize that little changes between frames?

But the weather and the streets are constantly changing.


Whatcha Doin?

Driving toward AOG today, I saw a young fisherman sitting with his wagon above the little creek that flows from Lusk.  I pulled over to capture the moment–but before I could, an interested passerby stopped to inquire about the conditions.  It is the only shot I’m uploading today, but this moment reminds me of so many other encounters (both real and imagined).  To me, it seemed like a Normal Rockwell scene that I had to capture.