Moon and Venus at Sunset!

A wonderful day and even better evening! My favorite subject (the Moon) and Venus were once again dancing into the sunset together. I love this pair. Here’s a shot.



Snow Moon

So the moon has been putting on quite the show over the past week.  It’s been rising just about bedtime, so I can say “Goodnight, Moon” along with “Goodnight, room.”  I’ve also been able to get out and capture it.  However, when I went out last night (the 25th) for a session, I didn’t think anything other than “yep–that moon is full!”

But today, I see on that yesterday’s full moon was the Snow Moon.

Here it is.  I’m not really happy with the sharpness or clarity of this photo, but it was the best I could do last night.

Presenting. . . The Snow Moon at 1200mm: