Something New (again?)

Don’t ask me.  I cannot tell you where this idea came from.  I’m not even sure it works.  But I will tell you that I’m posting the two photographs together.  One on top; the other beneath.

What do you think?

It’s a bit of an experiment.  I might do more of this, especially because I can never capture the same assortment twice.  Each time I click the shutter, I’ve just taken a photo that can never be reproduced.

09-email 10-email


Around the Area Today

Some photos from a walkabout today, and one photo of Thursday’s storm in the VA area.

Not much to say, otherwise.  Not much I can say.  Not much I should say.

Invasion of the Cicadas!

Cicadas are out in Southern New York!  Anyone who’s stepped outside in the past two days has heard the penetrating hum of this year’s Cicada brood.  Two days ago, children were buzzing with excitement about the bugs crawling out of the ground.  We watched them find trees, begin their climb, and shed their exoskeletons.  Then we had one night of quiet.  Were they gone?  NO.  The next day, we saw the black creatures with red eyes clinging to the treetops.  Here are some images I shot locally.


Suspicious of Fads

Another period of absence.  I’m still kickin’ and I’m still shooting photographs–nearly daily.  In my defense, I’m trying to protect YOU.  Much of what I’ve shot lately wouldn’t interest you.

But these might.

I have an iPod Touch.  It’s a neat little gadget that almost convinces me I want an iPhone.  But if I did have an iPhone, I’d never use it as a phone because it would not have the battery life in it to do so after playing Angry Birds and taking photographs.

The only downfall of the iPod Touch is that the camera on it is crap compared to the 5MP camera on the iPhone.

Here are 10 photos that I took tonight at a hockey rink in Southern NY.  “Suspicious of Fads” because I’m still not sure whether Hipstamatic qualifies as art–or as faddish photography.  Nevertheless, I like messing around with it from time to time.  Here are some different styles and settings with features I found around the rink.

Found #15

Here’s a new side of my photography.  I like finding strange things in unusual places–and taking pictures of them.  Today’s find is a blue cube very reminiscent of the blue cube from the movie  Mulholland Dr.

Unfortunately, I did not have my Nikon–this is a Blackberry photo (my sincerest apologies).

I did not touch it.