Winter sunrise

Driving into work this morning, I saw a familiar light.  I looked over my shoulder and saw something that made me pull over.  I noticed a horizontal line with dark blobs sitting atop like globs of paint.  Thank you, again, Mother Nature! 



There Aren’t Many Like This

Rough day.  I’m under the weather and first up today was a rough test that shouldn’t have been that rough.

But before I stepped out to face the day, I saw a unique glow outside my window–THAT glow.  The glow that appears sometimes at sunrise or sunset–the glow with which mother nature announces “PAY ATTENTION–I have something to show you!”  I do not recall confirming the glow, but I soon had my D300 in-hand and stepped out to capture this sunrise.

After the long day, I returned to the apartment and saw the camera on my desk–a reminder to myself to check the photos.  I’m glad I left the camera where I did.  With everything that happened today, I had forgotten about the sunrise.

Looking at it again, I see how amazing the world is–if we take the time to pay attention.

A Morning Spider

I stepped outside to check the weather before a run this morning–and that’s when my primal instinct kicked in.  Stretched from a folded patio umbrella to the patio table was this little critter.  He must have worked quite a while on this before the sunrise showed his work in its full glory.  After the run, I stopped by again to get more (and better) photos.  But he–and almost all evidence of his work–were gone.