Moon and Venus at Sunset!

A wonderful day and even better evening! My favorite subject (the Moon) and Venus were once again dancing into the sunset together. I love this pair. Here’s a shot.



Dialing in from North of the border

There’s a little sliver of heaven in Northern Minnesota.  Those who live there know of the plentiful fish–and the plentiful mosquitoes.  But the flying beasts do not bother you when you’re out on the boat.  Neither do other boats.  Because on most days, you can get out among the islands to find yourself completely alone.  Except for the outstanding company on your boat.

While there over the week, I captured two unique images–and a fair amount of Walleye, Northerns, and a couple of other types of fish.  Here are the two photos.


Ideal close to a fishing day:


Eagle, you are cleared for flyby:

Perfect Eagle DSC_9632-email

Clear Sky Storms

The clear blue sky was interrupted by spectacular formations that were both large and high.

Then sunset began.  Here is a large and threatening formation that thankfully remained south of our home.  The bubbles in the upper left might be indications of hail.


10% Moon at 300mm (450mm effective)

Last night’s Moon was exquisite. It was at about 1-4% and barely a sliver at sunset.

I knew it’d be higher and fuller tonight, and thankfully I was blessed with a window of time to capture, process, and post.

While not frame-filling, these photos show different aspects of our nearest planetary neighbor. I never tire of looking at her, and I can enjoy the challenges of capturing her beauty for the rest of my life.

Oh.  And first post of 2014!  Happy New Year!

DSC_6059 fb

Edge of light:
DSC_6081 fb

DSC_6083 fb

Perhaps the best:
DSC_6077 fb

Temporarily Displaced

So. Here I am in another part of the world once again. I have been pretty busy, and I am without my trusty Nikon. But my samsung galaxy s4 and its 13 megapixel camera give me a little bit of confidence when it comes to capturing the local scenery. There are some pretty handy apps as well which help me with post processing. However, I am looking forward to getting back to my Nikon and my own digital darkroom.

These photos are from a drive about / walkabout yesterday.






Driving and driving

I’ve been driving, and lately I’ve been driven.  Most recently, I’ve been blessed and lucky to be driven to.  Over the past two weeks, miles and miles have taken us apart and rejoined us.  Reconnected us.  It’s shots like this that remind me of the gulf between.


Introducing. . . Comet PANSTARRS!

If you want to use my photos, please give me credit.  Please feel free to link to this page.


We had thick clouds most of the day.  I thought it wouldn’t be possible.  Then it cleared up around sunset.  I went out.  I couldn’t see the comet.  The moon was spectacular, but I couldn’t see the comet.  I broke down the equipment and looked for the comet on the itty-bitty screen on my D300.  I couldn’t see it.  “Maybe I struck out tonight,” I thought.  One thing I hadn’t tried was a long exposure–beyond 2s.

I went back out and tried a five second exposure–BAM!  It was between the moon and the horizon.  Now that I had it dialed in, I zoomed in to 105mm, and took some longer exposures.

Only when I get home did I realize that I had indeed captured the comet–in many of the frames.

64 photos shot over 45 minutes.

Here they are:  my best of the evening.  A 4% crescent Moon and comet PANSTARRS:

Wide–the discovery shot:


The airport is about the only place I can find the horizon in my part of Virginia:

Turning red as it nears the horizon:

One of the better shots:


Another nice shot: