Thinking of saying “Goodbye” to this blog

Things are slowing down on here quite a bit.  I’ve been thinking of abandoning this blog.  Facebook and Flickr seem to be much more productive in terms of reaching an audience.  This blog seems to fall upon deaf ears.

But that’s not happening yet.  I have one more photo to share with you (for now).




So very different from last year.


My work has turned dark.   Much black and white.   If that means anything.  But this year we have the tallest Christmas tree we’ve ever had, and we included everyone in trimming it.  What started as a sappy deadfall on a fence is now our seasonal centerpiece.  All we now need is snow!  But that’s white. . .

Unquestionably Haunted


This house, again.  I’ve run past this house and I have driven past this house.  When running, it feels as though I’m not running by it, but from it.  Where is the second story?  Behind the tree.  The house doesn’t want you to directly see the second story–you have to see it from an angle.  And if you can see the second story windows, then they can see you, too.

I had held off taking a photo.  If I take a photo, then the house comes home with me.  Then the house is with me, rather than at a distance–where I like to keep it.  If it remains at a distance, then I don’t think of it.  I can actually forget it.  Now I will never be able to forget it.  Twice I encountered problems trying to get the image here.  One problem while “developing” the HDR composition.  A further problem saving the jpg version to upload here.  The first time I saved the jpg (as I have done hundreds or thousands of times before), I found only a corrupted file.  That’s a very rare event–the first time in 2012.  It felt like the house was not willing to be here.  Like it did not want to be here for your scrutiny.

Again, click to view on black, full size.