Special Sunset

I posted this to facebook and Flickr first.  My apologies.

Here’s a HDR panorama that I took last night.  The clouds were spectacular and I went on a small walkabout as the sun was setting.  When I got out of the housing and away from the trees, I could see the full glory of what I could only glimpse a part.  Six frames (three shots each) processed and then stitched.  This is a 1/3 scale of the final image:

6_stitch-b edit 33%


Temporarily Displaced

So. Here I am in another part of the world once again. I have been pretty busy, and I am without my trusty Nikon. But my samsung galaxy s4 and its 13 megapixel camera give me a little bit of confidence when it comes to capturing the local scenery. There are some pretty handy apps as well which help me with post processing. However, I am looking forward to getting back to my Nikon and my own digital darkroom.

These photos are from a drive about / walkabout yesterday.






Catching up, Responding to Challenges

A large post.  Possibly my largest post.  Certainly my most complex or diverse posting.  Therefore, I’ll provide a bit of guidance for you–hopefully it will make things easier for you to understand / navigate.

Four sections:  Fireworks, Market, Textures, Walkabout.

“Fireworks” is a “WIP,” or “work in progress.”  Each year, I head out to see if I can improve my firework photography.  Because the 4th of July only rolls around once a year, I only really can apply the general skills / knowledge acquired over the past year to those challenging conditions.

“Market” is my attempt to respond to my first challenge by a professional photographer to “get out” and about with my camera.

“Textures” is my attempt to respond to my second challenge by the same professional photographer to create unique textures to use when layering photographs.

“Walkabout.”  Should be pretty obvious.  Some macro, some wildlife photos.

Fireworks.  Some of the best fireworks photos I’ve taken.

Market.  Target of opportunity.  I wish I’d had more time.

Textures.  Collected over two days.  A decent beginning–I might do more of this.

Walkabout.  Trying to get creative during the weekend hiatus.

Dare You. . .

I dare you.  I double-dog dare you to try this.

Was I alone?  It didn’t feel like it.  Was it dark?  Yes–and it was getting impossibly darker.

What time was it?  I didn’t check my watch.  But I did have to make it back to the hidden cemetery for one more photo shoot.  This time, I wanted to try something different.  Please let me know what you think.

This place has fascinated me for the past year.  And as unique as it is–and as much as I want to go there to get these photographs, I hate coming back to my apartment.  It feels like each time I go (and return), I bring back a little more of this place.



Alone II

Textured Cross

Eternal Neighbors

Eternal Neighbors, Black and White

Pushing Up into the Blood Sky

Unnoticed Storm

Double Buried, or Pulling Down the Cross



Sinking, Black and White

Around the Area Today

Some photos from a walkabout today, and one photo of Thursday’s storm in the VA area.

Not much to say, otherwise.  Not much I can say.  Not much I should say.

Driveabout: February 9

Disclaimer:  Nothing special here.  Move along.

I went out today because I needed some fresh air and I also needed to satisfy a curiosity I’ve had for the past week.

About the curiosity:  While looking around my area via Google Maps, I found this odd shadow just a few miles south.  It looked like a house or maybe monument–after all, Civil War bleeds through this area to this very day.


When I got there, here what I saw:


I drove away without even taking a photo.  Then, the oddity of the scene made me stop and drive back to take that photo.  I’d driven two miles away when the image of the house finally struck me.  It’s February; trees are bare except for the evergreens.  Not only does the tree by the house look unseasonably green, but the leaves were shaking in the breeze just a little too much.  The road to the house is now as forgotten as the family that once lived here.  But something is there.  On the drive back, I didn’t see another tree in green that didn’t have needles.

This interesting location I did *not* anticipate.  How peaceful to live and work in a mill.


This house stood alone in a field, happily tucked into the trees.  Nearly forgotten, but not gone.  I would love to meet someone who grew up in this house. . .


Alternate view of the same house.  Time has moved on–but how much?


I drove by two areas that looked like this next photo.  In places, the land is being stripped of all life.  This particular area looked so thoroughly destroyed that it reminded me of photos of a WWI or Civil War battlefield after the Soldiers and field artillery had made their marks.


This tree caught my eye.  There are many like this when power lines are near; however, nothing was in the vicinity of this tree.









Revision: Walkabout

This photo kept nagging me to do something more with it.  Color is fine for most work, although it seems not much happens anymore in black and white.  Why shoot black and white when we have so many colorful megapixels at our disposal?
Click on this one to view full size.  Let me know, if you would, what you think.