Around West Point

Startlingly clear day at West Point.  Took this medium-format, old-timey style photograph showing some detail from the plain.

This place has a memory.  Time largely stands still here as memory resists fading.  Traditions continue.  Some bars are raised while other bars are awarded at graduation.

Graduates return as veterans of military service.  Many graduates return having served in combat, battles, conflict, or war.  Returning to this location is the closest many of us will get to time traveling.  Anyone who looks at the old eyes of a graduate sees recognition, longing, and the fog of recollection.  Those who graduate from this place have returned home at least once–some for eternity.  All who graduate from West Point have, in our rock-bound highland academy, some vestige of home.



1,361,610,000,000,000 pixels–in one shot!


Taken back in June 2012.  This storm was over Connecticut, but was visible just West of the Hudson River in New York.  It was a true behemoth!  I couldn’t capture the entire image in my 35mm lens, so I grabbed a grid of HDR images of the storm system.

A fun fact to start the explanation of the title:  The D300 has a 12.3 megapixel sensor, so nine frames of 12.3 MP actually turns out to be 37.9 MP by 37.9 MP in size.

OR  *drumroll*

1,361,610,000,000,000 pixels–that’s 1.36 quadrillion pixels!
Now the photo.  I recommend clicking on it.


Painted Storm

Buried, Part 3–and a new venue

I’ve just started a Facebook profile for my photography.  It’s available at:

What that profile allows me to do is introduce and further comment on posts from groups like “I Require Art.”  If you follow me here, please “like” my profile on facebook, too.

One of the more recent discoveries is a graphic that I created about a year ago.  In April of 2012, I noticed a sailboat lazily and casually drifting South on the Hudson River.  Several photographs and some creative work produced this graphic.  While going through old work folders, I found this image as I provide here.  It’s a draft.  Maybe good enough for final.

Title “The Life”







Catching up (again)

Sometimes, when a photographer has enough photos, it pays to look through the archive instead of wallowing about because it’s tough to find things to photograph.  Maybe it’s too cold outside.  Or the lighting isn’t just right.

I hadn’t done one of these in awhile.  It’s an HDR panorama.  First, I–well, I suppose I ought to keep my specific process behind the curtain.  I’ll leave it at that–it’s an HDR panorama of West Point taken from the perspective of the stands facing the Plane and Washington Hall.  It’s where you’d sit if you happened to visit West Point during football season and happened to catch a pregame parade.

It’s wide.  I suggest clicking on the photo to view on black, then you should be able to zoom in and scroll to the left and right.

West Point Plane in Snow (Jan 2013) final

Army Photography Contest Results: Placed!

Today, I discovered that one of my original 19 photos submitted to the 2012 Army Photo Contest was awarded third place!

I submitted last year and walked away with nothing.  Thanks to my girl–Soulmate–who reminded me about the impending deadline.  I scrambled to assemble and submit 19 to the Fort Lee, VA staff.  They then sent 11 up the “all Army” level; of my 11, a photo that I thought had the least chance actually picked up third place in the “Nature and Landscapes” category.  Here’s the photo (“Lusk Fog”) and the collage showing the progression.  I’ve shaded photos that did not make it to the Army level.  The remaining photos were judged at the “all Army” level, and the photo with the green border is also shown below full size.

It was a wonderful day and I am so pleased to have picked up something this year!

Be sure to click on the photos to view on black.


I submitted photos last year to the Army Photo Contest.  Nothing.  While I did have some photos make it to the “big” Army level, I did not earn any placement among the finalists.

It nearly passed me by this year (thank you, Soulmate, for reminding me of the event).  After two days of finding photos taken between October 2011 and NOW, I selected the following 19 photos for submission.  Included (not in the contest, but) within the collage below is my official watermark and a copyright notice.

Here’s hoping for more productive results this year!

Rain (finally), Storms, and a Power Outage

Hot, humid day at West Point.  Just before the storm hit, I saw these clouds coming in from the North.

About one hour later, the lightening got much closer and then we lost power for about two hours.  Hard, dense rain fell.  Maybe Luck Reservoir is flowing over the spillway again.

These might be Mammatus clouds: